The Guild

Melee Weapons

Toy swords, lightsabers, Cardboard knifes, spoons, red pens, Toy shark, rubber ducks e.t.c.

Ranged Weapons

- Nerf guns, foam disc launchers, brightly coloured/funky shaped guns (i.e. must not look like replicas), cardboard throwing knifes, red pens (also count as throwing knifes), elastic band launchers.

- Plastic grenades, or round, green objects for use as grenades.

Brightly coloured sticky notes

Post-it notes, generic bright labels that can be easily stuck and removed from a surface.


- Fluffy pillows, polystyrene packaging, light white objects that can be marked for use as heavy objects.

- Banana skins

- Masks/outfits: Dovakin mask (Skyrim), Creeper mask (Mincraft), Cardboard car, witch/wizard

- Brightly coloured lipstick

- Paper/string/party poppers (for creating traps!)

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