The Guild


At this time the rules are not complete. Once games begin new rules will be added in to improve and modify gameplay.
These rules are created for the safety of members and the general public. It is therefore important that these rules are followed strictly by all and any violation will be taken seriously. The society does not take responsibility for actions of individuals and any member deemed too disrupting to the game can and will be removed from the society. Exercise common sense at all times!
Remember that your actions represent how our society is viewed and your actions decide our fate!

The Guid's word is final on any amendments or additions to the rules.


Combat and Kills:

To minimize disruption to the University, Public and other Societies, there are certain areas that are out of bounds. These are, but not limited to:
  1. The main library or any library in any building.
  2. Lectures - players may be assassinated whilst waiting to enter a lecture and once leaving a lecture room, however once in the lecture, assassinations are no longer allowed.
  3. Extremely busy public areas such as the town centre, cinema, shopping centres and public toilets.
  4. Vehicles in motion, or stationary with the ignition on.
  5. Any form of public transport.
  6. All cafes and restaurants.*
  7. Pubs and clubs.*
  8. Any other society meeting or event.*
  9. Player's rooms: You may only enter a player's room if invited in by that player. Even if the door is unlocked, an attack will not be valid without an invitation. This is to prevent the game from becoming too invasive and so that each player's space is respected.
(In these locations you may still use sticky notes to 'poison' a player)

Banned Items:

You must stick to the weapons given to you in the weapons guide, but there are also some items that must NOT be used. These are, but not limited to:


You must only seek out your assigned targets. If someone approaches you making overly threatening/aggressive motions towards you, you are allowed to defend yourself. Aggressive actions are seen as:
  1. Someone approaching you with a drawn weapon.
  2. Sabotaging your equipment.
  3. Loitering outside your place of residence or other places you are known to frequent regularly (unless they live with/near you, or on your course).
Players will not be punished for self-defence.

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