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Kill Methods

Normal Kill Methods. Or click HERE for Special Kills.

If you have any suggestions - don’t hesitate to comment!

Melee weapon – Any soft, foam toys, props in the form of melee weapons may beused to kill another member. Melee assassinations only count if the target is approached from behind, and then tapped on the shoulder, whilst remaining undetected. E.g.: toy swords, lightsabers, cardboard knives, spoons, red pens, TOY SHARK! etc etc.

Easily concealable and/or silly weapons are highly recommended! *cough* RUBBER-DUCKY-BLUDGEON! *cough*

Poison – For the assassin who enjoys subtelty and secrecy. Assassins can poison food/drink by attaching a VISIBLE note marked ‘poison’ to the plate/bowl a target is eating/drinking from. If the drink is drunk or the food is eaten, the poison takes effect instantly and the target is assassinated as a result. If the poison label is found before consumption, however, the food is harmless once more :-)

Note that ONLY the use of sticky notes is allowed, the addition of flavours and/or strange liquids is strictly prohibited, as you have no idea about any possible allergies of the other members. Exercise caution!

Projectiles – Projectiles launched by toy guns, such as Nerf guns, can also be used to perform assassinations upon other members. If the target is struck by the projectile,they are eliminated. Guns must be as brightly coloured and as funky looking as possible. They must NOT look like replicas... (Unless they are ray guns, because I don’t think the police have anything against ray guns.) E.g.: Nerf guns, red pens(think throwing knives)!

Projectiles should be soft and round! They must not strike the target with excessive force, as to leave marks, upset or cause discomfort to the target. Take your shot from a safe distance and aim for the torso!

Time bombs – The more patient amongst you have the option to use time bombs against your foes, should you wish. Time bombs are comprised of egg timers, or alarm clocksor timers that make a sound after the time reaches 0. They have sticky notes attached, marked with ‘Bomb’, ‘Time-bomb’, ‘Pipe-bomb’ or some variation of the word bomb. However, bombs,once they detonate will eliminate all players within a 5m radius. This method is similar to poisoning, in that, if the bomb is found and the label removed, before the timer reaches 0, the bomb has been defused and no longer harmful.

On the plus side, as well as still being alive, you now have an extra alarm clock. Rejoice!

Heavy Objects – For the more ‘comical villain’-style assassin there are heavy objects. Assassins can mark pillows with a note attached, label with the name of a heavy object, such as ‘safe’, ‘piano’, ’16 tonne weight’, etc etc… and drop it from a height onto the target, crushing the target under the sheer weight of the fluffy pillow. Please note that if the label falls off before or whilst hitting the target, then the pillow is merely a pillow and does nothing.

Water pistols – For special events ONLY, such as in summer. COMING SOON. :D.

Special kill Methods. Or click HERE for Normal Kills.

If you have any suggestions - don’t hesitate to comment!

FUS RO DAH!!! – Assassins can don a Dovahkiin mask and approach their target, shouting ‘FUSH RO DAH!’ at them and killing them instantly with the power of the dragon’s language.

Grenade!!! – A small, green handheld object, such as a ball, can be thrown on the floor near a target. The assassin, however, must shout “GRENADE” and then countdown out loud from 5, i.e.: “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0”. If anyone dives on top of the grenade before the assassin reaches 0, then they will die instead of the target, sacrificing their own life for the assassin. If a guild member jumps on the grenade, they will die, regardless of whether it was meant for them.

Banana skin – For traditional evil villains, an empty banana skin can be placed or dropped in front of a target. If the target steps on the banana then they are killed instantly.

No excuses!

Creeper – If an assassin wears a Minecraft creeper mask, sneaks up behind their targetand says “that’s a very nice everything you have there...” then the target is DEAD.

(The target may also rage-quit.)

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