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Emily Hadley

Hello comrades! I'm Emily, third year Historian and President of the society. I oversee the society and help maintain order amongst the ranks, whilst also sewing costumes and acting as residential photographer. As a historian, I think there's always the need for over-dramatic battle sequences accompanied by epic choir music and blood-curdling battle cries, so I look forward to seeing how unique people can be this year. This year we have some great plans for the society, and I hope that everybody enjoys being a part of it!

Vice President & Social Secretary

Aniruddh Fünke OA Ojha

Greetings maggots, I'm your Vice President AND Social Sec. You will probably never see me because I am just that good at being an assassin. Which is as much a blessing as it is a curse, because I can't make any friends. For how does one hang out with that which cannot be seen? Such is a question I ask myself from time to time. However, we shall have many socials and be merry.
And remember: "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted".


Tristan Bunyan

Hello! I'm Tristan and I make sure the internet still works, or something like that... Please hit me up if you have any suggestions for the website!


Courtney Knipe



Ali Bhatti


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