The Guild

The Assassins’ guild is based upon the idea of players tracking down, locating and performing ‘mock assassinations’ upon other members within the society, whilst trying to avoid detection by their targets, being located themselves or being assassinated themselves. It is a game of cunning and creativity, with each player being totally free to choose how they approach their challenges. The game is not meant to be taken seriously, with players actually harming or engaging in any form of physical or verbal confrontation … as the name might suggest, but instead taken with a touch of humor and light-heartedness.

After all, being assassinated by a fluffy, falling pillow marked as a piano (or maybe an anvil) is nothing if not amusing. Or hearing an alarm-clock go off under your seat, wondering what it might be, only to find it labeled with a brightly coloured sticky-note marked with ‘time-bomb’ and the codename of the assassin who placed it so.

In order for any given assassin to be removed from the current game/tournament, they can be eliminated in a number of ways. These are, but not necessarily limited to: melee eliminations which involve approaching from behind and tapping on the shoulder, sticky-note poisoning, sticky-note bombing, soft projectiles, grenades thrown + grenade called, players can don the infamous horned-helmet from Skyrim whilst shouting “FUS RO DAH" to eliminate their target. (With restrictions detailed in the rules page, found here.)

The most basic game type involves players being provided with names and codenames of other players within the guild, their task is then to use whatever means necessary to complete the objectives at hand and to triumph over their fellow assassins.

The ultimate aims and objectives of this society are to have fun in games and activities they may never have done before, meet new people by working together in teams to triumph other teams and to hopefully provide a source of comic relief for all involved!

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